Business With Intention Workshop At Home



The Business With Intention Workshop At Home previously sold for $250,

and is now an exclusive free bonus for Life With Intention Online members.


The Workshop At Home is designed to break down the sometimes overwhelming experience of starting a business into easy-to-understand steps.


The workshop includes a series of seven videos (totaling more than three hours of advice!) and a beautifully designed printable workbook filled with tips and questions to consider.


Think of it like a business plan you want to create. 


What We Cover

To bring the content to life and double the advice you’ll receive, I talk with eight successful business owners who share their insights and advice as well.


The following topics are addressed in each workshop video and corresponding workbook chapter.










What You Get



Seven downloadable videos totaling over three hours of content.

The printable Business With Intention workbook.


The Workshop At Home is Ideal For

This workshop is perfect for people who are just starting a small business and those who are within the first 12 months of entrepreneurship.


Business owners looking to develop a purpose-based businesses, value high quality branding, desire a strong online presence, and want to connect authentically with their customers are ideal for this workshop.


What People Are Saying


The breadth of topics covered is thorough; the questions are thought-provoking, and the entire series is simply brilliant! 


I now have tactical tools to help me reach my goals. Jess has created a roadmap I can use for my blog, a business or any future adventure. Lizzy 


Lizzy, Kitchen Nomad

The Business With Intention Workshop is great for the business beginner or someone that fine tuning their business.

I’ve run my business since 2008 and the Workshop At Home has given me great business reminders, new tools and the permission to follow my heart and offer the products and services that reflect my passions. Jeanee


Jeanee, Dirty Laundry


Through the video guests and case studies from Jess’ work, the Workshop At Home allows you to experience the different ideas and perspectives you would get from a live workshop, which is what I think makes this program truly unique.


I would recommend the Workshop at Home to any new business owner (or soon-to-be business owner!) who wants to create a business that is not only profitable, but also has a purpose and works for your lifestyle. LisaElembee    


Lisa, Elembee Creative


The best part about the workshop is that Jess sets a relaxed and non-threatening vibe to business strategy. It’s as if you are sitting down with a bunch of like-minded girlfriends sharing trade secrets and become mutually successful.


Though the workshop is aimed at new business owners, I was thrilled to have Jess´ workshop to aid me as I take on a new chapter of my already established small business.



  Lindsey, El Cuartito Cafe (Guatemala)


Special Thanks

I’d like to thank my awesome team for their support and talent.


Video production team, Polymyth Productions 

The awesome business ladies who participated in the videos, see above in “What We Cover” section

Print designer, Jackie Mangiolino

Hair & makeup, Erin With An E

Wardrobe styling, Liz Schneider

With Intention Assistant, Jen Barela 



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